How to set up a freebsd 10.1 seedbox for a windows client using Transmission


1) Initial setup of Freebsd 10.1
2) install and configure transmission
4) configure Transmission-qt windows client to use transmission through ssh tunnel.


1) A rented dedicated server with root access, that ideally comes preconfigured with Freebsd 10.1
2) A windows OS client with the putty client software.

Step 1) Initial configuration of Freebsd 10.1

Login and change the default root password.


Add a non root user. Replace with a user of your choice.


Fetch the port database.

portsnap fetch

Extract the port database.

portsnap extract

Install Port Master

cd /usr/ports/ports-mgmt/portmaster/ && make install clean

Now using Portmaster install a windows like text editor, other wise use vi (optional)

portmaster editors/aee

Step 2) Install transmission Daemon

Install transmission Daemon using portmaster

portmaster net-p2p/transmission-daemon

Replace with the non-root user that was created earlier. This command adds the non root user to the transmission group, so that files can be viewed and used by the non root user.

pw groupmod transmission -m USERNAME

Modify /etc/rc.conf add the following lines replacing with the location of your completed downloads directory. Example /home/USERNAME/files/completedownloads

ee /etc/rc.conf

add the following to the end of the rc.conf:


Set the owner of the location of your transmissions directories. Example /home/USERNAME/files

chown -R transmission:transmission

Start transmission as root. It will actually run as the “transmission” user.

/usr/local/etc/rc.d/transmission start

Confirm it is running by checking process and looking for the transmission process.

ps -aux

Step 3) The windows client

Download and install Transmission-Qt Download and install Putty tray 0.64 (this is optional, you can use the original putty)

Step 3.1) Transmission configuration: Go to Edit->Change Session. Enable Connect to Remote Session. Set the host to Leave the port as default

Transmission-Qt Settings

Step 3.2) Putty configuration: Add the Host and Port information. Create a new putty session and save it.


Go to “Tunnels” under SSH. In the source port put “” In the destination port put “localhost:9091”


Click Add:  Now save the session and connect as the non root user that you created earlier.


Once connected configure transmission through the UI. The only option you can’t configure through the UI is the completed download directory as that is specified in the rc.conf.

Additional information:

Adding Torrent: You can just add torrents as normal through a windows based browser and Transmission-Qt will just install them to the server automatically

Downloading files: Use Filezilla and connect over SFTP to download the files as the non root user that you created earlier.