Setup DD and DTS bitstreaming with MPC-BE and LAV filters


1) Install MPC-BE and LAV filters and enable bitstreaming of multi-channel audio to an AV receiver.


1) An SPDIF (optical) audio cable or hdmi cable to an AV Receiver.


1) Install mpc-be and LAV filters 64bit
2) Configure mpc-be
3) Configure LAV filters.

Step 1) Install mpc-be and LAV filters

64bit Download mpc-be and LAV filters 64bit. It is ok to install the 32bit with the joint installers. Default install options can be used for this guide.

Step 2) Configure mpc-be

Open mpc-be, open mpc-be options. Select External Filters within mpc-be options. Click Add Filter. Add LAV Filters, LAV Audio Decoder, LAV Splitter, Splitter Source, LAV Video Decoder. Set Each LAV filter to “prefer”. Where it says “set merit”.  OK the options.


Re-Open mpc-be and play a video to confirm that LAV filters is being used. Right click on the video while it is playing and go to Filters on the context menu. It should look like the screenshot below if LAV filters is being used.


Step 3) Configure LAV filters.


From the right click context menu that was opened earlier. Click on LAV Audio Decoder to enter LAV Audio Decoder properties. Enable the Bitstreaming by selecting the Dolby Digital and DTS codecs.  OK the Properties. Reopen mpc-be to apply the changes.